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Implant Dentistry

Implantology is the fastest evolving field in dentistry today. We are able to safely and predictably replace missing teeth without involving the surrounding teeth. There are three current misconceptions about implants today:

  1. This is going to hurt!
    In reality the discomfort from implants is less than that of an extraction. In most cases, our clients will require no more than Tylenol or Advil for pain.
  2. This is going to be expensive!
    The cost of an implant to replace a missing tooth is about the same as a Porcelain Bridge. However the implant will likely last the rest of the client’s life; whereas, the bridge is likely going to need to be replaced multiple times.
  3. This is going to take a long time! I don’t want to be walking around without a tooth!
    The time to place an implant is less than that of restoring the space with a Porcelain Bridge. With today’s implant technology, a client can come in with a broken or infected tooth and walk out with an implant and an esthetic temporary crown in one visit! A permanent crown will be placed a few months later following complete healing.

Another wonderful impact that implants have had is the ability to improve the lives of people in dentures. From simply anchoring a mobile denture to completely replacing the denture with a set of fixed teeth; the positive effect that implants can have goes further than being able to chew. Implants can improve one’s quality of life!