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Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentistry today has evolved to be as much about what individuals want as what they need. Cosmetic dentistry isn't about putting crowns or veneers on people's teeth. It is about making people feel better about their smiles.

Often times the simplest solution is the best. Some clients will only need to change the color of their existing teeth through conservative approaches like teeth whitening, while others may have one or two discoloured or broken teeth that need to be restored. In many cases however, people come to see us because they want to entirely change their smile. The procedure of whitening combined with veneers and all porcelain crowns have allowed us to produce pleasing smiles that are completely unrecognizable as being anything other than natural teeth.

It is important to realize that each individual has different ideas about what a beautiful smile is. We go through a detailed consultation process with each of our clients to ensure that we know what they are looking for, and to let them know what we can provide.

It is amazing what a beautiful smile can do to change an individual's whole outlook about themselves!

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